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Exciting updates!

  • May 2, 2021June 4, 2021

It has been a while since we shared any updates, but VU has been busy! The past few months have brought new and exciting updates.

We have successfully implemented virtual program sessions with our students and welcomed new volunteers to the team. We still plan to return to in-person sessions as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, volunteers are working one-on-one with students, allowing each of our kids to receive more individualized assistance.

Other big news: in February, we elected a new organization president, Maria Posey. We are SO excited to have her on the team. Maria has already stepped up to bring a fresh outlook to Vecinos Unidos and is helping us create a vision for the future of our organization. We are grateful for her expertise and are thrilled to begin working on new initiatives to better support our students.

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