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Volunteering during COVID-19 — how we’re adapting to a virtual environment

  • February 14, 2021June 4, 2021

Vecinos Unidos hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic. Admittedly, it took us some time to shift our approach to support the kids, but we got the hang of it and are—temporarily—100% virtual.

Before opening up Zoom sessions to all of our volunteers, we conducted a few “trial” runs to determine the best approach for scheduling and meeting with the students. Once we had a plan in place, we invited all of our volunteers to connect virtually with students.

Every week our volunteers meet one-on-one with a student via Zoom and provide help with reading, writing, and math. Volunteers meet with the same student at the same time every week, and follow the same curriculum we had while in-person. We collect worksheets, activities, and resources to share, and are constantly thinking of new ideas to keep the sessions engaging.

Vecinos Unidos is still accepting new volunteers, so if you are interested please contact

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