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COVID-19 New Territory for Everyone

Everyone at VU is hoping that our families, volunteers, and kids are safe and healthy. With school being closed for the year now, we are brainstorming ways to help our students have some books, work, and entertainment. The Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center is still open–thank you to all those men and women who are supporting the local community–so the families have some resources.
I will keep everyone updated as we make resources available at the HNRC and online.
For now, stay home, stay healthy, and get ready for next year when our kids are going to need us more than ever!

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 New Territory for Everyone”

  1. I would like to help with tutoring the children when that time is appropriate.
    I am a college graduate and have excellent English language speaking and writing (and spelling) skills. I have tutored two persons in the “English as a Second Language” program sponsored by the local library. Potentially I could provide some remote assistance if needed.

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