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Missions, Goals, and Values

Vecinos Unidos makes a difference in the lives of students in grades 1-6 through homework assistance and summer enrichment programs—and has been doing so since 1997. With caring volunteers to guide them, students experience improved academic success and greater confidence in their ability to learn and achieve.

The Vecinos Unidos mission is to help children succeed in school and grow into successful adults by providing:

  • A learning environment where children can seek assistance with homework and projects, expand their academic skills, and develop into lifelong learners
  • A safe environment where children can develop skills that include tolerant, respectful social interaction with other individuals
  • A nurturing environment where students can develop competency, resiliency, and resourcefulness
  • A supportive environment that fosters civility, integrity, and compassion.

Join the Effort

Vecinos Unidos is a 100% volunteer organization.  A founding partner of Connections for Hope, we are located at the Neighborhood Resource Center in Herndon, Virginia. You can help by volunteering your time or by making a financial contribution.