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Vecinos Unidos – Neighbors United

Neighborhood Resource Center
1086 Elden Street
Herndon, Virginia 20170

Vecinos Unidos (VU) opened its doors for the first time in a small Herndon, Virginia apartment on April 17, 1997. Two students attended the first night’s session. Originally formed to address the academic needs of Hispanic students, the program expanded to assist all who are in need of homework assistance. As the word spread and the number of students and volunteers quickly grew, the program needed to find a larger facility. Vecinos Unidos moved into the Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center, a city-run building in December 2001.

Vecinos Unidos now provides a year-round program consisting of homework assistance during the school year and a summer program during July and August.  Attendees are youth who need assistance that they cannot find at home.  Students come from homes where English is not spoken and economic and cultural factors put them at risk of academic failure.

Staffed entirely by volunteers and funded solely by donations and grants, Vecinos Unidos assists students four days a week, 90 minutes daily with their homework and long-term school projects.  After homework is completed, students are required to read orally to an adult for 20 minutes and then urged to participate in skill-building activities such as flash cards, puzzles, vocabulary development and educational games.  During the summer, Vecinos Unidos keeps education first by offering a wealth of different educational activities for students during a two week summer camp.

VU Homework Assistance Program:
September – June
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

VU Summer Program:
2 Week Summer Camp in August


  1. Do you accept donations such as
    brand new world maps
    complete puzzles with all pieces and gently used
    complete games with all parts and gently used
    card games with all cards and gently used

    • Hi Mary,
      It’s so good to hear from you. I miss you volunteering and you are always welcome back. Thank you for thinking of us for your donations! We would love to have the maps, puzzles, and educational games. (I guess all games can be educational when played with that intent!) You can drop them off for us at the NRC anytime. We are starting our sessions on 9/4 this year.

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