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A successful end of school year at Vecinos Unidos (including notes from our children)

  • May 23, 2022May 23, 2022

We did it—another year flew by!

I say it like an accomplishment because, well, it is!

Everyone who has been following us knows that this year wasn’t an easy one. To think that our program grew tremendously—welcomed in several new children and an entirely new volunteer force—and still has so much room to grow, is incredible.

We currently have 13 children on our waitlist and we hope to onboard enough new volunteers over the summer to be able to take in these new children when we return for the fall school year.

VU recently welcomed another wonderful volunteer to our Board of Directors, who has already began fostering a better relationship between our organization and schools, allowing us to provide the students with more tailored and focused support. We are excited to ramp back up in the fall, more prepared than ever to make a positive impact in the lives of our children.

At a session a couple weeks ago, we asked our children how VU has helped them. Below are a few of their replies. We found such joy in reading them, and we hope you do too.

Thanks to all our kind supporters, volunteers, donors, and friends of past and present. It’s because of you we are here today, and it’s because of you that our children have found the support they need to be successful.

“It helped me with my report card because I get 4-3 and sometimes 4-4. It also helps me learn more and more.” Kapital (Grade 4)

“They helped me with reading and math & writing. They helped a lot.” Ana (Grade 3)

“I like to read books. I am better at reading. I am a little better at math. I like to spell. I like to write about things but I don’t know what.” Alejandro (Grade 5)

“School helps me with learning. I go do math. School teaches me to read books.” Gabriela (Grade 2)

“I found new things to do.” Jhair (Grade 2)

It made me better at math and writing and reading and learned more words. Helped me on multiplying and dividing and getting healthy snacks and the volunteers are super nice.” Ahmed (Grade 5)

“It got me from 2 grade level reading to 5 grade level it is so great. And it helped in math. With the vocabulary it helps my mom and dad not to worry about me. I am more confident that I can do good in all my subjects.” Jazlyn (Grade 5)

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