Thanks for a Wonderful 2018

We blinked and the 2018 semester at VU was ending! What a great time it was. Attendance was steady; we added some new students; and our experienced and new volunteers worked cheerfully to help with homework, build skills, and listen to young readers. We’ve maintained our commitment to more student writing and improving math skills–most of our students are much better at multiplication than when the school year started. In my last flashcard experience with two 4th-graders, I couldn’t keep up with them! We continued to provide healthy snacks and fresh fruit every session with the generous donation we received for that purpose. A highlight this past fall  was the initiative of one of our high school students to conduct science experiments with the students.  He has completed two so far and more are planned.  Early 2019 will bring new efforts to work individually with students to plan goals for improvement and a parent meeting so we can continue to work together for the benefit of the kids.

Our sincerest thanks goes to all the people who make VU successful: board members, volunteers, parents, teachers, and children. Our volunteer recruitment efforts are ongoing, so please check us out if you have time and a desire to make a difference. We are also accepting donations to help us keep our space, buy books, and plan for the future.

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