Volunteers Are VU’s Heart and Soul

It’s winter. Sometimes getting out of the house or leaving work to get to VU at 4:15 p.m. means braving the wet and cold. A volunteer might be tempted to think “they won’t miss me this one time. There’s lots of help.” Oh so wrong! We depend on our volunteers to be there and, boy, do they show up!
The VU Board thanks each and every volunteer for their dedication and enthusiasm. Last week, we invited volunteers to meet with board members so that we could all chat about our work at VU, sharing information and ideas to make it better. The suggestions and insights we heard will definitely help us better serve individual students and strengthen the overall program. We hope to have many more opportunities to get everyone together, including parents. Our next parent night is in the works, and our ESL classes are starting up again this week–a direct result of our VU president, Andrea Ciecierski, listening to parents and making the effort to meet their needs.

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