Time Flies

Report cards started coming in a week or so ago, and we now have just about all of them. It’s hard to believe it’s the second quarter already! One notable thing about the report cards is that the kids in grades 5 and 6 who have been coming to VU for several years are all doing amazingly well: they are on or above grade level and meeting or exceeding expectations in all areas. Of course there are many factors that contribute to their success beyond VU, but it’s still wonderful to be a part of their achievement. Many of our students face challenges and we work on that continually, but it was wonderful to note that they all received high marks for effort despite their current level of achievement. That means that with time and with their parents and VU behind them, they will persevere and improve because they are capable and resilient. It’s also something to celebrate that all of the students (well, except one who is especially exuberant right now) received nearly all 3s and 4s in the behavioral assessment of life, work, and citizenship skills. VU is so proud of our students’ commitment to learning and conducting themselves well! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who keep coming back to support the VU students. You make a difference, and we value you.

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