VU Summer Camp

The first two weeks of August were the best of the summer! A curious and lively group of 17 students attended VU summer camp this year, and we kept them busy! Check out the photos to see some of our activities: we learned about world geography, built a bridge in a STEM activity, imagined new animals and created a habitat, and had a field trip to Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum! We read, we worked on math skills, went bowling, painted, created, and built wonderful relationships. With a culminating party at the water park, I think VU made a statement! We wore ourselves out,  but look at those smiles.

And we couldn’t have done it without our  wonderful volunteers–some seasoned whom we welcomed back and so many new faces that we hope to see again this fall. From high-school students to retirees, from a half-day shift to a whole day in the pool with the kids, from being the “newbie” to leading activities, our wonderful volunteers did it all, helping our students in every way possible. But volunteering is never a one-way street. Just as our students benefit, so do the volunteers. No one could have put it better than one of our brand-new volunteers, David S. when he wrote after camp: “Thank you for letting me be a part of these kids’ lives for the past two weeks. They are the best kids with such big hearts — amazing! I am definitely interested in continuing to help them all and plan to help with the Homework Assistance Program in the fall.” Thank you to David and all our wonderful volunteers. When we say we couldn’t do it with you, we mean it! See you in the fall!

Summer reading at the VU camp. IMG95731920160804_123147IMG95766120160802_145346


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