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What’s the Word?

  • March 4, 2016

What’s new at VU? Or maybe I should say what’s “gnu” at VU? 🙂 The letter of the day was launched this past week to help all of our students, but especially the younger ones, add to their language arts skills. We recently added new students and several of them are still learning the basics of language arts. It’s really great to find a simple way to support them and also build on the skills of the students who are more advanced. With a designated letter of the day, we can focus on all its various sounds and design lots of activities to recognize it during homework and in various media. Students can look for new sounds associated with a letter while they are reading–this week the letter g–and write words in their comp books and add new vocabulary to the white board. I’m sure our wonderful volunteers will find lots of ways to engage students and build their skills in a way that is appropriate to each student’s needs.




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