Snowzilla for the Win

winter-hat-and-gloves-clipartclip-art-winter---clipart-best-duuxr40v VUwinter hat volunteers are going to be going through homework withdrawal by the time this storm is over. With the Martin Luther King holiday and a teacher workday on Monday and Tuesday, an icy dusting that closed schools on Thursday, and the cautious closing on Friday in advance of a single flake, we got in one day this week! If the area receives even the low end of the snowfall that is predicted, I’ll bet schools will be closed most of next week too. Hope our kids do some reading and other educational activities while they are out. We’ve all heard of summer learning loss, but I think we’re going to see some snow-induced setbacks!

So stay warm everyone and don’t hurt yourself shoveling! See you when the snow melts.

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