Small Victories

As one of the board members on duty for the Monday sessions, I am usually busy supervising instead of working directly with a student. Yesterday, I rotated off doing the sign-in and worked with two of our 4th graders who had the same homework. It was a list of 15 math problems and written at the top was “Pick 3.” Well, it’s long been an unofficial policy of VU that the students not only complete their “must do” work but also the “may do,” so I encouraged the first student to try to do more than three. With a shy smile, she picked a couple more and set to work. The word problems required identifying whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. The first few required some help and manipulatives, but as I have often seen from this young lady, she persevered. Another student then joined us with a couple of his problems done and set about doing another. Before long, both had completed all 15 problems without a peep of complaint and with increasing confidence and accuracy! Plus, we had plenty of time for 20 minutes of reading. What a great session for all of us!

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