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Getting Settled

  • September 30, 2015September 30, 2015

Along with our returning students, we have welcomed five new learners to VU homework assistance. We have a waiting list with lots more kids on it, and we are continually reevaluating whether we can add more according to the number of volunteers available to support them and the physical space available to us.¬†Sometimes volunteers can’t really see the full picture and don’t know how valuable they are to an organization, but in our case, it really matters! We have to ensure that the students in our program can get the support they need for homeworking, reading, and enrichment by working with a volunteer 1:1 or with a group of no more than three students. When we have reliable volunteers, we can confidently help more students.¬†If you can spare 90 minutes a week, you can make a difference. Join us.

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