Steady On to the End of the School Year

Some homework sessions, it already feels like the last week of school, but other sessions, it’s clear that the last 5 or 6 weeks are going to be chock full of learning and homework. This week, the students in grades 4, 5, and 6 are busy taking their SOLs but they still had homework to review for upcoming tests. One fifth-grader explained what her day of testing was like. “The math section today had 19 questions, but the testing was three hours,” she said. “Did it take that long to do?” a volunteer asked. “No,” she replied with a sigh, “I finished my whole book too!”

You know what I was thinking? Right. How wonderful to get to read for that long! I hope all the kids were able to make as good use of their time.

VU will end this year on May 28th, and we will keep working hard and reading every day up until that time. The kids will have to navigate the last few weeks of school without us, but I think most of them have learned so much about the value of doing their homework and about how to do their homework that they will be just fine.

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