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Pyramids, Pillars, and the Pantheon

  • February 15, 2015February 15, 2015

Pyramids, pillars, and the pantheon were on the mind of third-grade students at VU over the past few weeks as they worked on their ancient civilizations projects. As the students dove headfirst into making their posters, volunteers also introduced the topics of planning and preparation. “First, let’s talk about what information do you want to include,” was heard more than once by a marker-wielding student anxious to get at the poster board! One creative volunteer who was exploring mosaics as part of the culture’s arts helped her student make one to illustrate the concept. Over two weeks, the posters came together and will make their way to classrooms this week. I’ll be anxious to hear how they were received. I am thinking about making a “poster/project protocol guide” to help us all be on the same page for the next one.

Our students had wonderful volunteers to help them (but most nights not enough for the 1:1 attention such projects need); some reference books; poster board, paper, and markers galore; but limited access to computer resources at home and at VU. Despite parents and volunteers best efforts to support these terrific students, there are realities that are not easily overcome.

If you are a volunteer already, thank you. If you are not a current volunteer, please consider checking us out. And if you have ideas for how VU can find more electronic resources for our students to ensure that they aren’t left behind in this increasingly technological world, please let us know that too. Our ability to help students depends on the generosity of time and resources from caring volunteers and donors.


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