Valuing Volunteers

Second grading period is underway, and the students have shown up with lots of homework this past week. They have a long break for the winter holiday this year, so I guess they are going to earn it with some intensive learning. Good thing the VU volunteers are up to the task! A hearty thank you to everyone who comes to work with the kids and give them a little extra support in their academic endeavors.

Sometimes, however, the VU community has to bid farewell to a volunteer, and it is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to long-time volunteer and VU board member Bob Searle. During his 13 years of dedicated volunteering, he shared his wealth of knowledge and life experiences to support and empower hundreds of students and adults. When you work side by side with someone for such a long period of time they become like extended family. We will truly miss Bob and his contributions to VU will long be remembered!

Clearly, when a volunteer stays with a group for 13 years–and Bob is only one of many who have served for well over 10 years–it is a compliment to the organization. VU is a great place to make a difference, and when you leave, you know that your contribution was meaningful and will have a lasting impact on students’ lives.

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