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VU Warms Your Heart

  • November 19, 2014November 19, 2014

At least a couple times a week for three or four years, his little head would peek around the doorway to the homework room, eyes wide, looking for his big brothers. All the regular volunteers knew that adorable face and often told him that one day he would come to do his homework too. And now he does! He is just one of several siblings who have followed in their older brother’s and sister’s footsteps. Board members often talk about how VU can measure its success, and we collect data from report cards, attendance, and surveys. But for me, knowing that one of our student’s  little brother or sister is just waiting for the day that they are old enough to come and do their homework too is a really big measure of success. It means so much that parents trust us to support their children year after year. What a great testament to the program and the volunteers.

Hmmm. One of our current students has twin siblings who are still babies–I can’t wait until they show up to peek in the door and dream of coming to do their homework with us!

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