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May Days

  • May 6, 2014

We are starting out the final month for the 2013-14 year with great attendance. In past years, numbers of students have dropped off considerably in the waning days of the school year, but so far, we are seeing about 15 students each night and our volunteers are holding pretty steady. It was a great accomplishment to call all the students on the waiting list and offer them an opportunity to register. Six students have joined us and although it’s late in the school year we are happy to have them. Now they will be eligible to register in the fall!

This week, we sent information packets home with parents to let them know that our last day is May 29 and the first day in the fall is September 15. They also are verifying their contact information and completing a survey to let us know how well we are serving them. Soon, we’ll also offer them some tips for keeping students sharp over the summer. Summer learning loss is significant, so everything they can do is important. Encourage the students to read and practice their math facts over the summer at the very least.


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