Is It Finally Spring?

Well, it’s the end of the 3rd grading period, so it must be spring!  It’s hard to believe the year is flying by so fast. Of course, one look at the kids and you can tell that they have grown and matured a great deal. It’s such a joy to listen to a student read a book that they couldn’t have even contemplated reading a year ago. I also love to see them learn to interact with books, as volunteers push to expand their learning by including some critical thinking skills. Math is getting harder too. We have given out lots of flashcards that students can use to help them learn their multiplication facts because division is not far behind!

I also know it’s spring because we are planning the volunteer appreciation dinner later this month. Check your e-mail for your invitation and join us please. You’ll be surprised at how many fellow volunteers you have who work on other nights! This is a great chance for all of the board members and volunteers to meet and share the love of VU and the students. See you soon.


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