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Dare We Think It’s Spring?

  • March 11, 2014

As it gets warmer and more enticing to play outside after school, the VU volunteers will have to have lots of patience! Nice weather makes everyone get a little antsy to be stuck inside. All the more motivation for students to get all their work done at VU so they won’t have to worry about it when they get home. DST means they will have likely have time to play after they leave VU.

Last night was a great reminder of how dedicated the VU volunteers are. After a “distress” call went out for more volunteers to fill in, five extras came to help. A show of support that was much appreciated and meant that all the students did their homework, got  to read, and played some games. Hangman and Apples to Apples were the popular choices. Another nice moment came as the students were leaving and one young man stopped to tell me that his class had a new pet, a young, female hermit crab. His interest and excitement were visible, and I was reminded that it doesn’t always take a huge gesture or a big pet to make an impression.

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