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Make Learning Fun: Just Add Water

  • August 22, 2013August 22, 2013

Learning is always fun when there’s water involved! With the help of special guest Lisa Matthews, 10 students participated in a hands-on lesson about the water cycle and watershed. They were very interested, engaged, and polite! The kids  first explored the concept of the water cycle, visiting  individual stations for information; for each different station they visited, they put a bead on a string.  At the end, they talked about the beads and what they represented, such as clouds, streams, and so on.

Next, Lisa used a large plastic model of a town, complete with animals, buildings, vehicles, and trees. On it she sprinkled colored granules representing such things as fertilizers, waste from animals, motor oil/gasoline, and so. Then the students added water, beginning with small amounts and then escalating to torrential rains, floods, monsoons, and so on, so they could see how the pollutants and water interacted and spread.









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