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Act of Kindness

  • April 9, 2013

Who didn’t love having a snack after school when they were young (or after work now even)? One of the changes to VU over the past few years has been the addition of  snacks that students can enjoy  before they begin their homework. It’s been an unqualified success, but an ongoing expense for a small, all-volunteer group that relies on grants and fundraisers.

Yesterday, VU got a big surprise to help us meet our goal of not only providing nutritious snacks but also introducing new healthy foods: Floris United Methodist Church provided a large check that will stock the larder for a good long time and help ensure that students can concentrate on their homework and learning. A hearty thank you to all those who contributed and chose this specific way to support students’ well-being and academic achievement. VU promises that your donation will be used wisely and will be much appreciated by the students who attend the program.


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