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100 Students? No Fooling?

  • April 2, 2013

100 students receive VU  homework assistance last night!  Volunteers work miracles. Of course that’s an April Fool’s untruth, but I sure wish we could help that many students in our program. As we near the final stretch of the school year (one student told me last night that there are 59 days of school left), it becomes possible to see progress in students, some of which is reflected in their report cards and some simply evident in their attitudes and behaviors. Many are reading better, more fluently, and with enthusiasm. Projects have been successfully completed. Math concepts have begun to gain clarity and sink in. Shy students have become more comfortable; boisterous students have learned when to tone it down. What once seemed highly unlikely has become routinely expected.

It’s also nice to note how many dedicated volunteers we have. Week after week, they freely give their time, believing in giving of themselves to support the community and its young people.

VU is grateful for the wonderful students and volunteers. No fooling.

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