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The Prize Is Learning

  • February 20, 2013February 20, 2013

The students have moved into their third grading period, and VU is still going strong! As they proudly brought in their report cards and selected a small prize for remembering to do so, we reinforced the value of what we do.  I’m pretty sure the kids get the message that learning matters every time they come to homework assistance. They learn that it helps to keep their homework neat and organized, it’s important to not only get the right answer but also to be thoughtful and careful in the completion of  their homework, and to put it back in the right place so they hand it in on time. The habit of reading is becoming engrained, and even those students who were once reluctant readers are improving and enjoying it more. And that’s the key to what we do: reinforcing that learning is important and fun and that ultimately it isn’t about grades or token rewards, but a worthwhile prize in itself.

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