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Homework Is Not Scary

  • November 2, 2012

But sometimes the volunteers are a little strange. Well, only on Halloween when they dress up to make doing homework a little more fun. Nine little goblins showed up on October 31st to make sure they had all their homework and reading done before trick or treating. Kudos to them and their parents. Popcorn treats (from the lady in the popcorn-box  costume of course), spooky pencils, and bat rings added to the fun.

Hurricane Sandy also provided a little excitement (maybe even scarier than Halloween) and made it a short week at VU since schools were closed Monday and Tuesday. As always though, students and volunteers pulled through, kept their focus, and caught up on all the work by Thursday.

Parent conferences are also going on now at the end of the grading period, and VU offers support to those parents who request help. The VU president acts as a advocate, accompanying parents to conferences or communicating with teachers when asked. It’s wonderful to see the level of trust that we have built with students and parents through our simple yet steady approach to providing assistance. Every volunteer contributes to that effort and helps make the future brighter for our community as a whole.


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