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Going Strong

  • November 14, 2012

The leaves may be falling off the trees, but the attendance at VU isn’t dropping off at all! Last night, nearly the whole roster of students showed up! Twenty little scholars but only nine volunteers. I’m sure it was a little hectic, but thanks to all our great kids and volunteers, everyone got the help they needed. If you are reading this and haven’t yet joined in, now is the time!  We need you.

At this point in the year, we can see some evidence that students are benefitting from our support. One volunteer this week noted that a young student is finally starting to have a better attitude about her school work, and others have made great strides in being able to get settled in and focus on their work. Love watching them grow in their knowledge, skills, and thinking.

It’s also project time for many of our older students, who are learning importantant planning and organizational skills by working on their long-term projects as well as getting help finding resources. Right now, a detailed poster about Egypt and an essay about earthquakes from an expert’s perspective are in the works and due before the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s satisfying for everyone to watch students’ sustained efforts succeed.





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