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Mind-Sets Matter

  • October 10, 2012

It’s been a great launch to the homework program this year. We have had between 15 and 19 kids a night with some new students and many new volunteers. It is great to see how the veterans and the newcomers have all meshed to make Vecinos Unidos a happy, respectful, and productive place to be. I know that no matter what kind of day I’ve had, I am always in a better mood when I leave VU than when I arrived.

Watching a student learn something new or accomplish a challenging task is inspiring. Even when someone is struggling, it’s so valuable to help him or her understand that with hard work and persistence, success is within reach. It’s the difference between instilling a a fixed mind-set, which (to simpify) assumes that the ability to learn is predetermined by inate ability, and a growth mind-set that operates on the premise that learning is the result of persistence and practice. Clearly the latter is more accurate, and the one that VU volunteers must have and must convey to students.

The homework that the students do is important, but the habits of and attitudes toward learning that students acquire is invaluable and lifelong.


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