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SOLs and School Elections: Rites of Spring

  • May 2, 2012May 2, 2012

We’re holding steady at homework assistance. Students and volunteers are working hard to get homework done so everyone can take advantage of the great weather and extended daylight hours knowing that all the work is done. That’s actually a lesson that we hope students learn as they work with volunteers–the joy of being prepared when they go to school the next day.

SOL testing is on the schedule this spring so students are preparing in many ways; we are learning a lot of Virginia history as students prepare for their tests! Who knows about the Woodland Indian tribes? 

In another exciting first for VU, one of our students is running for office.  He has drafted and prepared a speech and worked on his campaign posters.  Wish we could vote, because he certainly has a lot of supporters at VU!  Can’t wait to find out if he gets elected.

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