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Volunteers Love Leap Year

  • March 1, 2012March 1, 2012

Leap year is popular among those who born on February 29, but it’s also a great event because it gives volunteers one more day to work with the students at VU! Leap day was a busy one with 18 students and 8 volunteers. Not even close to our goal of one-to-one, but that didn’t deter anyone from getting their work done and spending time reading. One of our newest students who is still learning English, read the entire Cat in the Hat to me, with pace and flourish. I’ve never liked the story so much!

There was also a silver lining to being shorthanded: students pitched in to listen to younger students read and helped one another out when all the adults were occupied. 

The evening did, however, highlight how much we need additional help. The students are amazing; they work hard and no matter what level they are at, they are so thrilled when they accomplish a goal. As one young lady finished writing her final draft of an essay project with her mom waiting in the hallway to pick her up, she was beaming. She was so happy to finish and know that she was prepared for school the next day. The more volunteers we have–high school students are welcome–the more great stories we have to share and the more positive experiences the students leave with.

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