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The More the Merrier

  • December 11, 2011December 11, 2011

December has gotten off to a great start for the homework assistance program and VU.  First, the VU board added a new member, Akanksha Raol. Akanksha is a microbiologist who has also taught eighth grade; her background and enthusiasm make her a valuable addition to the board and a wonderful resource for students.

VU also continues to welcome new volunteers, including a new high school student, who increase our capacity to help more students.  The students love working with the high schoolers, who are wonderful role models as well as sources of knowledge!

Although the numbers had been steady at about 10-12 students through the beginning of December, Thursday brought 21 students and 11 volunteers out.  After homework and reading were done, a volunteer quizmaster helped prepare students for a big social studies test. It was so much fun that even students who didn’t have a test coming up joined in! A great night for everyone.


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