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It’s Report Card Time

  • November 21, 2011November 21, 2011

VU has been collecting report cards so that we can keep track of how all the young scholars are doing. As with all of us, each student has areas of strength and areas they need to continue to work on, with additional support from VU volunteers. It’s so rewarding to see the pay-off for students who work hard to do homework and other assignments. Everyone had some success in something. Once we have most  of the report cards, the president of VU will do a confidential report analyzing the results and looking for ways that volunteers can be more effective with specific students.

Everyone who brings in their report card gets a new toothbrush (choice of colors) and two small tubes of toothpaste. You’d think we were giving them candy by their responses! This prize was a hit.

This is a short week because of Thanksgiving, with sessions only on Monday and Tuesday.  Hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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