Update From Vecinos Unidos

The Vecinos Unidos Board of Directors is working to determine the best way to support our students and volunteers during this time of social distancing and quarantine. Of course, everyone’s health and safety is the top priority, so as soon as FCPS closed, we also ceased our homework sessions. The Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center continues to receive phone calls and provide resources and help to its clients, but it is not open to the public. Because of the speed with which this happened and honestly having never anticipated such an event, VU was not prepared to offer online support to students, but we are working on how to provide resources and exploring ways to connect with students.

One way that volunteers can support the community right now is to donate to local food banks and other charities that are providing services during this time. FISH–Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help https://www.herndonrestonfish.org and LINK https://www.linkagainsthunger.org are both organizations reaching out for donations so that they can continue to provide services to those in need during this difficult time.

Our greatest wish is for everyone to remain healthy and safe so we can resume our program and support our kids in their learning. We can’t wait to get back to doing that one way or another!

Recursos nuevos para los padres

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Tenemos recursos nuevos para ayudar a nuestros familias este verano, incluyendo actividades y recursos educativos. También hay un actualización de inmigración en respuesta a la pandemia del coronavirus.

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COVID-19 New Territory for Everyone

Everyone at VU is hoping that our families, volunteers, and kids are safe and healthy. With school being closed for the year now, we are brainstorming ways to help our students have some books, work, and entertainment. The Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center is still open–thank you to all those men…

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Get Your Reading Buddy

Thanks to our friends at the International Teaching Learning Cooperative Network (ITLC), VU readers each have a new buddy to listen to them read (along with a volunteer of course!) every day. Their generous donation has made reading more enjoyable for all!

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What are you thankful for?

We all have so much to be thankful for, so we asked the kids to write what they were thankful for in their journals. Then they made a poster so everyone could see. Guess what I am thankful for?

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It’s Scary How Time Flies

Can you believe it’s past Halloween and the end of the first grading period for students at VU? We treated our students on Halloween and soon they’ll treat us with their report cards! We’ve been working really hard to sharpen reading comprehension, strengthen math skills, and share our love of…

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Spring Fever

Warmer weather, sunny days, soccer practice, renewed energy–all signs of spring at VU. But homework, reading, and math skills practice continue despite the increased squirminess and impatience to get back outside (kids and volunteers)! Recently, we asked all our students what book they would like to own and tracked their…

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Thanks for a Wonderful 2018

We blinked and the 2018 semester at VU was ending! What a great time it was. Attendance was steady; we added some new students; and our experienced and new volunteers worked cheerfully to help with homework, build skills, and listen to young readers. We’ve maintained our commitment to more student writing and improving…

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Bonus: Science Experiment!

Look who’s experimenting! VU students love the high school volunteers who share their time with us, especially when one of them comes up with a cool extra. One of our long-time high school volunteers planned and executed a science experiment with help an assistant from the Children’s Science Center, located…

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